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Charleston Chapter – MOAA

Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Veterans database launching to link veterans with entertainment industry employers

Veterans interested in the entertainment production industry will have a new resource to connect...
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Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Past Presidents  
  Year(s) Served: Name: Service:
  1955 LTC Austin T. Quick USA
  1956 CAPT A.S. Johnson USN
  1957 RADM R.E. Srison USN
  1958 Col R.M. King USAF
  1959 BG J.R. Burns USA
  1960 CAPT A.W. Eldred USN
  1961 MG George Honnen USA
  1962 CAPT W.A. Zobel USN
  1963 COL J.W. Meeks USA
  1964 CDR M.R. Mowry USN
  1965 LTC J.W. Califf USA
  1966 CDR  C.E. Kuhlman USNR
  1967 CDR R.B. Folsom USNR
  1968-1970 LTC J. Hugh Davis, Sr. USA
  1971 COL George M. Hargraves USAR
  1972 CAPT John A. Cummings USNR
  1973 Col E.J. Berryhill USAF
  1974 COL A.O. Atkinson USA
  1975 LtCol Frank Fenn USAF
  1976 LCDR Clifford O. Lines USN
  1977 Col Sam Galbreath USAF
  1978 COL Dallas Wade USA
  1979 MAJ Bailey Morrow USA
  1980 CWO John Phillips USN
  1981 Col Byron Long USAF
  1982 CAPT Vincent J. Mitchell USCG
  1983 LCDR Louis G. Eschenberg USN
  1984 COL Robert J. Belteau USA
  1985 LtCol Forrest E. Ott USAF
  1986 LCDR Hoyt Kiser, Jr. USN
  1987 LTC Hubert H. Attaway, Jr. USA
  1988 Col James S. Kinney USAF
  1989 CDR John F. Duffy USN
  1990 COL Joseph T. Breunig USA
  1991 LtCol James B. Hester USAF
  1992 LTJG Arva S. Alexander USCG
  1993 Col Henry J. Radcliffe USMC
  1994 CDR Gordon B. Hobgood Jr. USN
  1995-1996 Col Gerald W. Musselman USAF
  1997-1998 LtCol Howard Stammerjohn USAF
  1999-2000 Col Edward J. Burns, III USAF
  2001-2002 CDR Donald A. Lovelace USN
  2003-2004 Col H.R. Smart USAF
  2005-2006 COL Josiah W. Fuller USA
  2007-2010 LT Clifton R. Abbey USN
  2011-2012 BG Ernest D. Brockman USA
  2013-2018 BG Ernest D. Brockman USA


Charleston Chapter – MOAA

Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA

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