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Charleston Chapter – MOAA

Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA Charleston Chapter – MOAA
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Charleston Chapter – MOAA


1955 -

Charleston Chapter MOAA

Still Serving Country and Community

In The Beginning

Back in early 1955, the Charleston area was home to a Naval Base, a Navy Shipyard, a Naval Ammunition Depot and the Charleston Air Force Base. The Korean War had ended, and this area was considered a backwater military area. The Armed Forces was in the throes of a drawdown. Peace reigned through-out the world and the Cold War was still heating up. During this time frame the Congress was looking for ways to cut the budget and of course the Military Retiree was the biggest target for cutbacks. It was in this atmosphere that a group of retired officers got together and formed the Retired Officers Association of Charleston, with the immediate goal of joining the national Retired Officers Association (TROA) which had recently allowed the formation and association of local Chapters.

After their initial meetings, Officers of the Chapter were elected and the national TROA was petitioned for admittance of the Charleston Chapter. The local chapter was accepted and a Charter was issued to the Charleston Chapter TROA.

Over the years the local military posture has changed dramatically in the Charleston area.  The Navy’s Fleet Ballistic Submarine Force came to Charleston and, with the development of POMFLANT, at the Weapons Depot, now referred to as the Weapons Station, Submarine Squadron 18, Submarine Flotilla 6 were based here along with numerous training facilities.

With the growth at the Charleston Naval Base and Weapons Station, the Charleston Air Base achieved permanent status in the 50’s and with that declaration MATS began various facility construction projects to further improve upon the base's status.  The base was designated as an aerial port of embarkation, giving Charleston AFB more prominent role in MATS.

Over the years, Charleston AFB has undergone many changes of aircraft, however, it has maintained airlift as its primary function.  During the course of the Vietnam War the military tempo increased drastically expanding the number of ships and squadrons in the area.  Joint Base Charleston was established in accordance with congressional legislation implementing the recommendations of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The legislation ordered the consolidation of facilities which were adjoining, but separate military installations, into a single Joint Base, one of 12 formed in the United States as a result of the law.  The 628th will essentially serve as the ‘landlord’ for Charleston Air Force Base, the Charleston Naval Consolidated Brig and about 50 other military commands in the area. The unit will handle items such as building and grounds services, supply and civil engineering and public works.

Throughout this period the Charleston Chapter TROA continued to grow and in conjunction with national TROA continued to fight for the benefits promised to our retirees and their survivors.

During the Regan years our military rapidly expanded to meet the needs of the Cold War. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the outlook for the Military changed. Our government felt that we no longer needed a large military force to meet its requirements in this new world atmosphere, thus began a massive reduction of military assets thought the nation and the world. The effect on the Charleston area was dramatic, we witnessed the closure of the Naval Base and Shipyard, and reduction of missions at the Naval Weapons Station. Throughout this disruptive period, the Charleston Chapter continued to be active attracting and maintaining a strong membership.

Again times have changed; we are now engaged in a worldwide war on terrorism! Our Armed Forces are being called upon to fight in distant lands such as Iraq and Afghanistan. This time around the Military is relying heavily on our National Guard and Reserves to meet their needs.

We at the local level continue to support our military members 100% and look forward to welcome them into our ranks when they are ready.  The Chapter continues regular monthly meetings, quarterly visits to the VA Hospital and many volunteer activities supporting active duty and reserve organizations.  The very strong support the Chapter provides to the Marines Toys for Tots program gets glowing local media comments. 

It is a great feeling to belong to a Chapter that has been around for fifty years and that still has as its goal the needs of its members both active and retired. Little did that group of retired officers know in 1955 what they have started would last these many years.

Let’s all of us active duty, retired and auxiliary members strive to keep this chapter going another fifty years.

Charleston Chapter – MOAA
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Charleston Chapter – MOAA
Charleston Chapter – MOAA

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